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What Is Implant Impression in Dentistry?

impressionDental implants are a great solution for replacing missing or broken teeth that look and feel exactly as your natural teeth. Part of this process is the implant impression which is a way of changing the position of the implant in the affected area and onto the plaster model. Eventually, the plaster is going to be used as a blueprint for making the new artificial tooth. This whole process entails two methods and about them we’re going to focus on below.


What You Need To Know About Pickup and Repositioning Techniques

Due to its higher accuracy, the pickup method is generally preferred by a wider range of dental professionals. While it may be a bit more laborious, the results are always excellent. So if a patient has been involved in an accident and knocked out one or more teeth, there’s a good chance that part of his jawbone was also damaged. Therefore, if the patient refuses to have his jawbone’s lost piece reconstructed, then this may cause issue with the depth of the smile line. It’s important that the impressions are taken after removing the temporary dentists and then properly position the impressions posts on the implants. It’s imperative that the impression posts fit perfectly, since the smallest flaw may cause the patient severe problems in the future.

When the impression tray’s customization is complete, the dentist needs to cut the opening that’s meant for the wax-up rivet. It’s a very important step and it needs to be done for separating the tray from the dental implant. Next, the material will be spread around the posts evenly and after it solidifies, the wax up rivet needs to be loosened from the dental implant. It’s at this point that the impression and posts are detached from the patient’s mouth. If the pickup method is used for this procedure though, then the post will remain in the tray which is opposite to the repositioning method.