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7×24 Central Hostel Reviews

2If you are planning a trip to Budapest and are looking for a safe, clean and centrally located hostel at a reasonable price then you will want to take a look at the 7×24 Central Hostel. Below we have compiled a summary of previous reviews and guest comments about the 7×24 Central Hostel to help you make an informed decision about whether it is the right hostel for your stay in Budapest. The site is located at http://7x24central.insta-hostel.com/


One of the most common reasons why people choose to stay at the 7×24 Central Hostel is because of its central location. Previous guests at the 7×24 Central Hostel point out that it is “within walking distance to sites, the Metro Station and restaurants”. The nearby Metro Station is five minutes walk from the 7×24 Central Hostel and it connects with all three of the local subway lines making getting around very easy. The 7×24 Central Hostel is also a close distance to a number of attractions. One reviewer notes that it is in “walking distance to most sites”. The hotel is also a “a quick walk to the Danube”.

Value for money

The 7×24 Central Hostel is competitively priced for a hostel of its location in Budapest. Reviewers give the 7×24 Central Hostel an average score of 8.8 out of 10 for price. One reviewer refers to it as being “good quality for a reasonable price”. Another reviewer remarked that “all andt all money well spent”.

Service and cleanliness

Unlike some budget style hostels the 7×24 Central Hostel received very good reviews for its cleanliness. One reviewer stated that “the room was warm and clean” another reviewer states that the rooms are “clean and comfortable”. Overall the 7×24 Central Hostel received a score of 8.1 out of 10 for cleanliness.


One area where the 7×24 Central Hostel really shines is in the quality of staff. There are many favourable reviews about the knowledge and helpfulness of the employees at the 7×24 Central Hostel. Staff at the 7×24 Central Hostel received an average score of 8.6 out of 10. One reviewer noted that staff were friendly and helpful. Another reviewer said that “we met some lovely people at the 7×24 Central Hostel and the manager was kind enough to have our room clean as soon as possible”. Another traveller remarks that the “girl who received us was very nice”.


7×24 Central Hostel provides a full self-service cooking area. There is also a central lounge area for the guests with a television, DVD player and personal computers with internet access. There is also Wi-Fi inside of the 7×24 Central Hostel. Safes are available from reception on request. There is also air conditioning available for two euro a day. One guest at the hotel points out that “air conditioning was essential as it was 40�C”.


The atmosphere of the 7×24 Central Hostel is one of calm and quietness which is a contrast the local busy area. One guest pointed out that the “place is quiet” and so “if you want to party inside of the hostel then this is not the place for you”. Other guests point out that the hostel is very safe and secure with security cameras and lockable doors throughout the building.

Overall recommendation

The 7×24 Central Hostel is best suited for budget minded travelers looking for a clean, quiet and safe place to stay. The 7×24 Central Hostel scores very well with guests for the quality of the service and their local knowledge. If you are looking for a livelier hostel with a party atmosphere then the 7×24 Central Hostel may not be the right choice for you. Overall though the 7×24 Central Hostel is rated very highly for a hostel in its price range and is perhaps best summarised by one guest that said it is a “fantastic place to rest between the fun” of Budapest.

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